Royal [Coffee] at the Market

Royal Coffee is already loved by many in the Phoenix area, but now they are much easier to get to, as their new space is adjacent to the (also new) Phoenix Public Market. It sets up the perfect sip-while-you-stroll atmosphere, and there is even open “meeting” space that connects the two.

Even though the dedicated space just for Royal is humble, they haven’t skipped on the eclectic but cozy feel, with art, cool lighting, and the friendly (and funny) bean-roasting bandit, Hayes (who happens to own the place).  He’ll also advise you on the best of the munchies available, which include fresh-baked muffins, scones, etc. daily, and also granola that will blow your mind. So will the coffee, by the way.

It’s  a great place to meet up, and you’ll know when you are nearby because of the scent wafting for blocks. They roast their beans outside, they say for temperature and space, but I say it’s brilliant marketing.

Check out Royal at their new location: 14 E. Pierce Street, Phoenix, AZ‎

(The entrance is on the west side of the building, behind the market.)

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