Local Fave: Postino

In a race for “Best Wine Bar,” the locals have spoken: Postino is the winner.

We love it so much we’ve already blogged about each location, in Arcadia and on Central.

Up against some stiff competitors (including Edge Bar at Sanctuary and Kazimierz in Old Town Scottsdale), Postino flew to the lead spot, and it’s easy to tell why.

Both Postino locations are the perfect marriage of hip and lounge-y and casual without too stark and modern. They’re comfortable, home-y, sophisticated, laid back. The name came from the former life at the original location in the Arcadia neighborhood, an old post office. (Unfortunately, the name is confused with the movie, Il Postino. The official name is Postino Wine Cafe. Take note.)


Another location was opened on Central Ave. earlier this year and the neighborhood as welcomed it with open arms. Both places service the old Phoenix neighborhoods, with ranch houses, huge grass yards and trees arching over the streets. It’s the feeling of old Phoenix with modern swank.

When you go, you must get the bruschetta, and eat one order for your meal or order a bunch and share with the group. We recommend the prosciutto with figs and marscapone, and the salami with pesto is perfectly balanced. You can’t go wrong with either. Matter of fact, stop yourself from diving in head-first.


Postino Wine Cafe


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  1. How did you not say that you MUST get the brie with apples, it tastes like candy it is that good! I saw it in the picture, but I wanted to give it a proper shout out!