America’s Taco Shop

When new places in downtown Phoenix are being built, it’s exciting to see the change from day-to-day, particularly in the old, historic homes that turn into new restaurants.

America and Terry Bortin morphed an old home on 7th Street into one of the most coveted Mexican lunchtime spots. The wood floors, the brick, the porch are reminders of once was, but now makes for an extremely cute atmosphere (read: just festive enough without being crazy). America’s Taco Shop has even just been recognized by Sunset Magazine for its fantastic carne asada – their specialty – and with a lot of competition in Phoenix, that is an amazing achievent for such a new place. The menu is basic but delicious, and good for the pocketbook as well; you can easily do lunch under $10.

America's Taco Shop

My favorite is the burrito, with guacamole of course, and with one of the Mexican sodas, it’s like going on vacation during the lunch hour. The beans are amazing and soft, and the chips supremely fresh.

2041 N. Seventh St
Phoenix, AZ 85073

(602) 682-5627‎

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