Do Me A Favor

I’ll tell you one thing, this store does me a favor just by being there.

Do Me A Favor is the quintessential gift store. I mean to tell you – it is stocked with the world’s perfect gifts for every occasion. Going to a wedding? The silver and crystal pieces, and amazing dishware, is yours for the taking (matter of fact, they even have registries). Mother’s Day?  Check out the decadent robes, pajamas, fragrances, and luxurious bath products. Father’s Day? Easy. How about some wine glasses, or barbecue serving ware?  Christmas and Hanukkah? Don’t even get me started.

Inside Do Me a Favor

It’s the place to go when you don’t know what to get, but you know it has to be unique and special (shouldn’t all gifts be that way?). They have great seasonal stuff too (read: perfect hostess gifts). For summer this year, East Coast lobsters, crabs and starfish are center-stage, and the fall stuff is straight out of New England red-brown-golden forests.

Here’s the best part: the gift wrapping. Pictures can’t even do a justice. They have a staff that will make your gift look like a million bucks, when it certainly won’t cost that much at Do Me a Favor. There is something at every price point, believe me.

Gift Wrapping at Do Me a Favor Beautiful Gifts at Do Me a Favor

It’s also centrally located on Camelback Road and 10th Street, so go stock up on presents…and remember the best gifts of all are to yourself!

See more photos here.

Do Me a Favor

835 E Camelback Rd # 102
Phoenix, AZ 85014
(602) 200-0190

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