The burger. So easy to  make, so difficult to perfect.

But delux has risen to the challenge, and now you, our very own blog readers, have voted it the best burger place in the Phoenix area.

When it opened a few years ago in a retail plaza on 32nd and Camelback (in the very nice Biltmore area of Phoenix), the amazing first-hand reviews spread like wildfire. The glowing [blue] reviews came pouring in. And quickly, it was the new it place. It’s the place locals go for lunch, dinner and everything in between and after. They’re open late, which means one of their milkshakes is never out of reach.

inside delux

And while the milkshakes are great, this is not your Americana novelty burger place. This is a hip, modern, New York-ish ambience with gourmet touches on your favorite foods. The delux Burger was one of the first in Phoenix to do the arugula-maytag and gruyere-bacon- carmelized onion thing, and they do it with many organic ingredients, and even use natural antibiotic-free beef in all their burgers.

delux burger

delux fries

The grilled cheese is absolutely supreme, the salads are deep green, crisp, and filling, but whatever you have, you must get the side of fries. They are the best. I prefer the mix with sweet potato fries (they are savory, not sweet),  and they are a staple in my order. But nothing pairs better than their beer on tap, which is extensive. I recommend their flights, and since I have a sweet tooth, I go for the #3, which is light beers and ciders, but they have the uber-strong, husky pours as well, so don’t be shy.

Saddle up for some dessert too. Their lava cake is amazing, but they’ve put a halo on it. A banana split halo. Surrounding the ganache-filled lava cake are heaps of natural ice cream, whipped cream, bananas, and they let you be the pour master of the hot fudge. This – the banana split lava cake – is enough for four people, so bring friends.

delux dessert - banana split lava cake

delux is open until 2a.m. (the grill, too) every night (err…morning). For most of the year, their patio is enjoyable, but to get the vibe, sit inside.


3146 E Camelback Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85016-4502
(602) 522-2288

2 responses to “delux

  1. Actually, Delux was not voted the best burger in Phoenix this year. Metro Brasserie was, although technically not phoenix. Delux’s burger are not great burgers but great sauce serving trays, as it the sauce and toppings that make it good not he meat, bread, and cheese (the parts that actually make a burger).

  2. Delux burger is my favorite in Phoenix. I’ve tried the grilled veggie pannini, mahi mahi sandwich and the delux burger. All are fantastic. Best sweet potato fries in town with chipotle aioli – yum! Wash it down with a crisp Wyder’s Pear Cider and you won’t be sorry – you’ll want to return!