Barrio Cafe

Hello, Guacamole.  Hello, Margarita. Hello, Good Time!

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You voted Barrio Cafe as the Best Mexican Restaurant in the Phoenix area, and we agree! Barrio is known for many things, including the tableside guacamole, the but most of all – the food.

Barrio guacamole

Locals will line up for an hour or more to be seated at one of the tables in the quaint room of Barrio just for the amazing flavors and combinations that they offer. Started by Chef Silvana Esparza in 2002, Barrio quickly became THE place to go. Maybe it’s the “Filete de mi Tita,” filet mignon with Mexican style crab, longaniza and Ancho chile sauce dripping over the top. Or maybe it’s the “Pollo en Mole,” with the most delicious red or black mole you have ever had – so flavorful, light and smooth.

Barrio eats!

Maybe it’s the “Pescado del Mar,” which is this tower of halibut, shrimp, scallops, crab and lobster, with a white wine and shallot cream sauce, chorizo and poblano peppers. How she marries these flavors together is amazing to me. Then again, her sauces can’t be beat. Everything is just enough spice, but not too much heat. Barrio’s creations hail from Southern Mexico, so the jalapenos and peppers that override the flavors in most traditional Mexican places are absent.

Barrio is not your normal beans-and-rice Mexican food, but rather an energetic, gourmet incarnation of Mexican cuisine. Not to mention, a treasure in the heart of Phoenix.

Barrio Cafe

2814 N. 16th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85006

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  1. I recently moved and NEVER went to Barrio (embarrassing to admit!), MUST go next time I’m in town:) Sounds delicious and the pics are making me hungry!