Luci’s Healthy Marketplace

Luci's Healthy Marketplace


There’s a new “place to be” in town. And I like it a whole, whole bunch. On the corner of 16th Street and Bethany Home Road, Luci’s Healthy Marketplace brings Phoenix what it is lacking – hip healthfood. Not expensive, just cool. 

Immediately upon entering from either the front doors or the raised garage door for a patio (a la Postino), you are greeted with a retro welcome. Neighborly, clean, and unintimidating. The products on the shelves range from natural toiletries, to every kind of tasty multigrain cracker, chip and cookie. The real gem is the wine/beer/cheese/appetizer fridge, that has an eclectic variety that I will definitely turn to for my next party. All the organic biz makes it look so fancy. 

Coffee BarPatio at Luci'sBeer, wine and apps

I first went on Friday, then again on Saturday, because as you know, I love my lattes. With my carefully calibrated palate (thanks to Lola’s, Lux, LGO), I apprehensively tasted the latte. And holy moly it’s delicious. Just the basic latte tasted like caramel, and as smooth as the goods at Lola’s. I love it. It’s unpretentious and delicious. 

On the opposite side of Luci’s Coffee Bar is the Kitchen, where cooking demonstrations, classes and prep of the daily to-go eats happens. They’re finalizing the schedule, but I need all the help I can get, so plan on seeing me there soon. 

Luci's kitchenLuci's goodness for goodness sake

I talked to the owner, Ken (who I immediately knew I would like when he introduced himself as, “Ken. As in Barbie and Ken.”) who mentioned he named Luci’s after his wife, Luciana. He’s a great guy. Makes shopping local so much better. 

So grab a latte, welcome Ken to the neighborhood, and take a gander at the new marketplace in town.

Luci's hours

Luci's exterior

Luci's doesn't even have a sign up yet

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