The Willows

The Willows

More than a few years ago, a big store appeared in malls everywhere and wow-ed everyone with their brilliant use of neutrals. The clean lines, the glorious use of white paint, the wood grain – all trademarks of what we’ve come to know as “Pottery Barn style.”  If you don’t mind me saying so, while I love the neutrals, I’m a color person first and foremost. Secondly, the neutral thing is great when you can add personal touches of character. And it’s hard to get personal touches in a big, national store. 

Enter The Willows. A fabulous asset to Phoenix shopping, located on 38th Street and Indian School, does  the neutral-with-character thing right. Everything is interesting, and still all easy on the eye. They make burlap lampshades glamorous, chandeliers casual and dishes fun. (Let’s be clear – not doing dishes fun, but dishes look fun.) Anyway, it’s so cozy you want to throw yourself on the antique bedframes with the big down pillows, but resist the urge to rest – there is much to see. 

Including, the new Olive Annie store located within The Willows. Clothes, accessories, hair doo-dads, for ladies, babies and home. They actually have these really interesting wrap-outfits that look confusing but are very easy to put on. 

If you are looking for that little something for your patio, your home or your wardrobe – The Willows will have it. Try not to buy everything up, either – save something for me!

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