You know when you “discover” a band, and you like them before they become big stars, and once they’ve made it big time, you want to walk around with a shirt that says, “I liked them first!”

This is exactly my relationship with Postino. 


This is one of those places where even on a week day, it feels like a weekend at Postino. Relaxed, hip, casual, exciting – all the interesting notes that make up this converted old post office (hence the name) in the Arcadia district of Phoenix. 

In the beginning, Postino was just a wine bar with a few snacks. Always an open couch, I wondered if it would survive, so I kept going because I felt like I was “giving back” (I know – since when does a wine bar count as charity work? All in the sake of eating local). But once it took hold, Postino was off and running. After all, it was the first installment of what would be come the “DeMarco corner.” Craig and Kris DeMarco humbly opened Postino, then Le Grande Orange next door (“LGO” us locals would say), then Chelsea’s Kitchen across the street, then Radio Milano next to that (and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming blog posts). 

Inside Out

Inside-Out atmosphere is fresh and relaxed

Postino is still my favorite gem on the corner of 40th and Campbell. It has and indoor/outdoor feel, with the real garage doors from the USPS opening onto a patio that at night is wonderfully candlelit.  You can buy wine by the bottle, which is very fairly priced, I might add, and the servers really are knowledgeable with the robust wine list. But mostly, they know how to pair with the ever-famous bruschettas. 

Postino bruschetta

If there was any way I could pass you a piece of the bruschetta through the blog, I would. We are talking about absolute deliciousness. For $12, you choose four bruschetta types, which each are cut into four pieces. There  are massive heapings of meat, cheese and veggies on french bread, drizzled with special spices, honey, oil – whatever accommodates each pairing, and it is truly magical. Perfect for a group or would serve as dinner for one or two people. I order my own tray, if you must know. I really can’t explain how wonderful the bruschetta is, so you’ve gotta go try it.

They’re open late, it’s always a good crowd, and it’s worth the valet parking.

Even though I liked them first, you are welcome to love them just as much. 


3 responses to “Postino

  1. WOW! Sounds so yummy and inviting! Must be crowded; especially the “DeMarco corner”. How is the parking?

  2. Parking used to be a mess, quite frankly, but now they have a valet so you don’t have to work around LGO and Postino’s in circles. I think it was $2, so very worth it.

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