Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles

Just one mile south of Chase Field and U.S. Airways Arena downtown, there lives a place called Lo-Lo’s.


Lo-lo's Chicken and Waffles


I had never heard of Lo-Lo’s, until at an All-Star event, a gentleman from Los Angeles was requesting the shuttle driver to take us to Roscoe’s. Another passenger interjected, “Forget Roscoe’s – Just take us to Lo-Lo’s.” I had to ask my seat neighbor what Lo-Lo’s is, and I was informed that it is THE place to go for chicken and waffles (in my world, these items do not automatically go together, so I learned a little). 

In about six conversations with different people since then, Lo-Lo’s was mentioned, so how could I not then inform you, Hot Sheet readers? I have to admit that I was a little – errr… – nervous – about this breakfast/dinner combo. Poor Lunch! What happened to lunch?! (Dear Lunch, Don’t worry. I still love you. Love, me)  But I was….


I drove in, saw the painted wall on Central Ave., and parked in the nearby neighborhood. I strolled in to what looked like a party I was late to. This older historic home is converted, and you walk into where I imagine the front sitting room used to be, and wound up dining in another room to the side. Make no mistake – this is not a cutesy, Victorian home or anything, but it does have a comfy feel. 

Anyway – I ordered a KoolAid. (Red is the only flavor offered, so any fellow grape lovers are out of luck)


I perused the rest of the menu, which mostly was some combination of chicken and waffles (no big shock), maybe with egg or without. But for YOU I ordered the KK #1 – two waffles, three pieces of fried chicken, two eggs with cheese and onion, and grits. This is the standard. I must note that while I really don’t prefer onion, I didn’t get the feeling that they welcomed menu edits. 

So, I got my order, and while I liked the fried chicken, the waffles stole the show. Cinnamon, brown butter, brown sugar, just enough fluffiness. They were superb in every sense. It was all good together, too – the savory, creamy, crunchy and sweet flavors and textures made every bite a new combination. It’s all pretty heavy in butter, though, so bring your Tums.  Definitely worth it. 


    Big waffles

If you find yourself downtown and get a hankerin’ for some good ol’ Southern grub, this is your place. And I know you’re thinking, “Thank you for devouring this nutritious goodness for the blog!” To which I say – you are welcome. 


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