Hanny's sign


HANNY’S has had a makeover in a big way.

Before: Phoenix’s premier men’s department store from 1947-1986, with designer brands

After: Arguably the most chic dining in downtown PHX.

High on the wall, you’ll see the original “Christian Dior” and “Nino Cerruti” signage along with other designers whose apparel used to dress the finest gentlemen in the state. Now, the bar below the signs is serving these men (or their sons). But this makeover was not a quick fix. After complications with “historic building” designations, this place is finally doing what it always did – serving loyal Phoenicians.

The owners of the ever-so-popular AZ88 (in Scottsdale) took this on to serve great drinks and balanced menu in an urban setting. It’s very cool inside – you walk right into the bar, then seating is towards the back. Best seats are the highboys in the bar area. I always get the French martini (below) and usually a salad, but when I ordered the Panino sandwich, I was nothing short of blown away. Delicious. Reminded me a lot of the famed Pane Bianco

In true Karl Kopp fashion, the bathrooms are best summed up as trippy.  I won’t ruin the fun, but here’s advice: just keep pushing the wall in different places. You’ll see. 

Now, Hanny’s is the perfect reason to come early to a game, stay late, or to get your happy hour on. Go there. Love it. Repeat.   http://hannys.net/



One response to “Hanny’s

  1. Three reasons I love Hanny’s:

    1. It has a backstory. After its incarnation as a haberdashery, the buliding was regularly set ablaze to train Phoenix firefighters. Make sure to check out the preserved elevator shaft with the glass floor.

    2. The service is fantastic. After only a few visits, the bartenders knew my name and remembered my beverage and entree of choice. I also dig the crisp, white waistcoats and long aprons worn by the staff. It’s like a touch of Left Bank Paris in downtown Phoenix.

    3. Its environs, refreshingly, look like nothing else downtown. Stark, clean lines. No TVs. Leather “tongue” couches. A wrap-around balcony. The overall aesthetic is probably best captured by the high-end meat slicer behind the bar: timelessly sleek and impeccably practical.

    Oh yeah, and the carne pizza rocks.