Duck and Decanter

Duck Decanter brown bag

Some people take a sandwich for granted. I love a  good sandwich, and I love nothing more than turkey, brie and sprouts on multigrain. There are some good sandwich places around town, like any good city, but the locals know the best place. It’s Duck and Decanter, hands down. There are three in PHX, and the people are friendly, they keep lines short and make whatever you want (in the sandwich world). And while they don’t serve duck, they do decant. Wines by the bottle or half-bottle are available. I love a good white with a sandy, but I’m big on tea, too – another reason I love D&D. duck and decanter teas

Every day, they make a new tea fresh-brewed (last time it was “sweet cherry,” and I don’t like cherry, but it was wonderful, gotta admit) and they also have bags for sale. 

All three locations are different, but all cozy and fresh. Take a look and happy sandwiching!

One response to “Duck and Decanter

  1. Love the Duck! We’re there at least once a week.

    Their flavor of the day iced tea is always a welcomed surprise and the Briescuitto sandwich on ciabatta is to die for!