The French Bee

French Bee inside


Phoenix is a “boutiquing” dream, though not often thought of that way. Lots of pockets here and there around town of stores with the latest refurbished, new or truly antique goods. Most of them still look like stores. But The French Bee, to me, feels like home. I just want to say, “I’ll take it all!” and transpose that same comfortable but bright-and-fresh feeling into my casually nuanced home.  The problem is that I really do want it all but have a hard time figuring out what it is that gives The French Bee it’s feeling. About my fifth visit there (in a month) I figured it out – it’s the florals. Besides the great furniture, accessories, garden furnishings, etc., they have a separate warehouse a few blocks away where they make one-of-a-kind floral arrangements and sell them in the store. But they also put the flowers in containers that are wonderful by themselves. Topiaries, flower boxes, and (dare I say at the risk of sounding like my mom) the wreaths! They’re not cheesy and “old” – they’re MODERN. And beautiful. And I’m still deciding which one to buy so just give me a few days before you go.  Anyway, my husband even loves the store so no need to be scared. 

No more raving, I’ll let you see all it has to offer yourself. It’s on about 24th & Indian School in Phoenix.  (Tip: sign up for their mailing list – they are always having GREAT sales!)

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