Press CoffeeFoodWine

Press CoffeeFoodWine

At first, I thought that it was a confusing name for a place. Then I went and it made complete sense. They press coffee beans, paninis and grapes to give them the coffee, food, and wine that they sell. But besides being intrigued by the name, I was intrigued by the cafe itself. Situated nicely in CityNorth, the new shopping area on 56th Street and Deer Valley, it has an airy feel, and most importantly, an extensive menu for a “coffee place.” I’ve been a few times now and they have they have these desserts that are just what you need on a long afternoon (I have fallen victim in the early morning hours as well). 

And the paninis. What a great idea. I make them all the time at home with my Cuisinart Griddler (highly recommend) but when you get a real panini, it makes all the difference. Their gourmet but not fancy, and give enough sustenance to continue shopping around CityNorth, at least it does me. But could it compare in coffee, especially to my favorite Lola coffee.  The answer, my friends, is OH YES. I’m a latte girl and they are delicious and creamy. A bold, nutty taste, I have found, dominates their coffee flavors but it’s balanced so it’s good. 

They also have not only wine tastings, but coffee tastings. I’m going to sign up soon, and fo course I’ll let you know all about it. 

In the mean time, head over there yourself and let me know what you think.

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