First look: Jam Session presented by Adidas

The tape is still on the sign on the floor, but JAM SESSION is here!  Here’s a sneak peek…


500 people. 100 semi trucks. 7 days. That’s what it takes to put together the Jam Session at the Phoenix Convention Center. They’re setting up the NBA stations, basketball games, the Kids Zone, the NBA Store, the Cartoon Network village, and tons of mini-courts for basketball games, drills, workshops and more. 

One notable element to this Jam Session is the use of technology. HP is hosting an area with wireless computers and printers where anyone can print out their digital pictures. Cisco is hosting booth that looks like a clear orb where a person can go in and chat live on a TV with their favorite NBA player who is at a different location.  These are only a couple of the really cool technological things to see and do. Of course, the court games still apply – the adidas court is hosting 3-on-3 games. You can even play their “house” team! 

The official court is on the second floor of the convention center, which is where the McDonald’s celebrity game will be played on Friday night (separate ticket required). 

The Jam Session really is cool – anyone could easily spend hours there. Tickets are at the door and cost $20 for adults and $12 for kids 3-12. Jam on it! 






rball        rcn-hoopy-game  

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