Rust ‘N Roses



This weekend, I stopped by Rust ‘n Roses as I usually do every month or so to see all their new stuff.  Last month, I would have told you that they specialize in “found” home decor, with cool furniture and dishware, and that it’s a secret great place for children’s gifts. But this month, I am happy to report that they also opened they’re new outdoor section, and I’m always on the hunt for unique thingeys for my backyard, so I was ecstatic. 

Not only do they have one of the biggest selections, but I gotta tell ya, the prices were amazingly reasonable. To the point that I texted friends in the area and told them to come over pronto!  Though enamored with the patio goods, I wound up purchasing matching vintage lamps from the Westward Ho, one of the oldest hotels in Phoenix (where the new “Psycho” movie was filmed also). The owner, Shelly, made sure the lamps worked properly, that they were in good shape and even gave us advice on the shades to put with it.  It’s definitely a place to go when you’re looking for home and garden decor, and it’s centrally located in the Melrose district on 7th.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I have never heard of this place and I cruise around on 7th all the time.